• Karolina Cranfield (Parent of Niko Cranfield – Ruby Class) December 2016

    Dear Indigo Valley Nursery Staff,

    I wanted to share with you my feedback regarding Niko’s teachers and cares in his classroom – Ruby.

    The team is simply excellent and words can’t describe how happy I am as a mother to be entrusting them the acre over my child. Niko is very happy to stay in Indigo Valley everyday and I can see him flourish and develop so much due to the excellent classes and activities provided by the nursery.

    This term, I’ve really noticed a massive difference in Niko’s development and I owe a big THANK YOU to Miss Ayoola, Gloria and Sunita for providing the most loving, sincere and safe environment to my son. He is having a great fun with all his little friends and always has a massive smile on his face.

    I’m very impressed with the way Miss Ayoola leads them.  At the beginning of the term I have asked if I could have a regular updates regarding Niko’s progress in the nursery and Miss Ayoola always takes time and the fact that most of the times he simply doesn’t want to leave the nursery when it’s time to go home is an evidence how comfortable he is feeling there. Miss Ayoola’s advice on what Niko likes doing at the nursery and what we should engage him at home to help his development further is simply invaluable to me as a parent. And all the information about Niko’s like and dislikes makes me feel like she really takes the time to get to know him and understand him, which again, makes me feel like I’m leaving him in good hands. I want to express my gratitude to Miss Ayoola for looking after Niko so well, I think she is a wonderful person and we are very fortunate that she is Niko’s Head Teacher.

    Another person who is very close to Niko’s heart is Gloria. The most wonderful teacher that my son could wish for. Someone who loves him dearly and who Niko loves back. He often talks about Gloria at home and how he misses her and wants to see her. Gloria has been Niko’s teacher since he started attending Indigo Valley Nursery in February and she has been instrumental in his settlement and well-being. I think it took nearly a month of constantly carrying Niko at the beginning before he settled in and Gloria was always there for him. She went and is still constantly going out of her way to make sure that Niko and comfortable and safe and provides most loving environment to him. She is an incredible person with a special gift and a wonderful heart.  My son simply loves her and I’m so happy that when he is not at home, he is close to Gloria. She is incredibly professional, dedicated and very loving person, a true teacher at heart. Very rare jewel.

    Last but not least I wanted to thank Sunita who is also a wonderful person and a very carrying teacher in Niko’s class. Lovely and gentle personality but an incredible gift with the little ones. Niko calls her “Anita” J.  I have the least interaction with Sunita but feedback from Nana is very very good and we are grateful for all she does for Niko.

    You told me 10 months ago, that you have great teachers working for you in the nursery and by writing this letter I just want to say, that they are more than that. They are simply AMAZING and INCREDIBLE and I’m very very pleased that they are looking after Niko. And so is Niko!

    Kind regards,

    Karolina Cranfield (Parent of Niko Cranfield – Ruby Class) December 2016