• Bernadette King-Turner at Indigo Valley Nursery, Dubai

    Indigo Valley Nursery is the fourth of Ms Bernadette’s four Beautiful Minds Nurseries. “We are indeed proud of our multicultural team as this intrinsically represents the United Arab Emirates and the richness of culture and community that every day surrounds us in Dubai.  Equally, we are proud to acknowledge that each of our classroom staff is professionally qualified women with Bachelor of Education, Cache Level 3 Early Years Diplomas or Science of Nursing, so all practices are informed and correct according to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) British Curriculum.”

    Ms Bernadette
    , New Zealand Registered General and Obstetrics Nurse specialised for 15 years in Paediatric Oncology in New Zealand, Australia and Saudi Arabia, her love for caring for children is endless.
    Ms Bernadette’s philosophy has a unique approach to education and caring for young children.  Her Nursery staff is dedicated to creating a genuine love for learning within each child.  Ms Bernadette has a great inner belief in the power of every child and each day strives to allow your children to realise their own inner strengths and life-given gifts.

    Indigo Valley Nursery, Dubai Manager, Ms Rola

    Nursery Manager Ms Rola
    We love our beautiful Manager Ms. Rola and her philosophy of care and education for Early Years:

    “Children are capable, collaborative co-constructors of knowledge.
    My role as an educator is to empower the children to take ownership of their learning and to be a facilitator as they explore, question, investigate, innovate, create and take risks.

    My role as a leader in Early Childhood Education is to ensure that the children are provided with many opportunities to foster their curiosities and develop positive dispositions, skills and knowledge through meaningful play and project-based learning.”

    Ms. Rola has a Masters of Arts in Early Years Education and has several years of experience in leadership roles within the education system of Dubai.
    She is passionate about our Nursery’s Reggio Inspired Early Years Foundation Curriculum and we know you will just love meeting Ms Rola and discussing all your baby’s and children’s Early Years queries.
    You are most welcome to pop in  to meet Ms Rola to discuss your baby and child’s Early Years care.

    Indigo Valley Nursery, Al Twar 2, Dubai. Early Learning Support Unit

    Ms Rhea – Early Learning Support Unit Supervisor “The warm atmosphere inside the walls of Indigo Valley Nursery enhances each day our positive attitude towards each other, our Nursery parents and children.  As the Nursery Learning Support Supervising Teacher, I tremendously appreciate and love how our Director Ms Bernadette meaningfully supports our personal professional growth so we can provide each day with the best quality care and education for each child’s early years development.  We strongly believe and recognise that each child is uniquely wonderful and each child deserves an equal opportunity to learn, explore, participate and be a part of our community.  We also strongly believe that each child must be treated equally in the most positive ways to support their personal human rights and to always fulfil their very own personal life potentials.”

    Nursery Supervisors and Teachers
    Each classroom has a Supervising Classroom Teacher and Teachers.  All our classroom staff have university degrees, and our team of professional women is focused on providing mindful and credible care and education for our children.
    We do not employ nannies nor assistants; our staff are respected teachers with valued qualifications, of whom we are especially grateful.

    Nursery Cooks
    Only the best of food is provided each day for our Nursery children.  Delicious, healthy meals are served for all the children for both breakfast and lunch and where possible we use organic ingredients.  It is true that ‘happy cooks’ make delicious meals because our Nursery food is always wholesome and delicious.  These lovely ladies have been with us for many years and love preparing each day the healthy meals for all our Nursery children.

    Nursery Nurses
    Our Nursery Nurses are Registered Nurses with the Dubai Health Authority and are responsible for maintaining the health and physical well-being of each child.

    Arabic Language Development at Indigo Valley Nursery, Dubai

    Arabic Teacher Ms Shaima
    Indigo Valley Nursery children learn English, Arabic and very soon to start Chinese Mandarin.

    Nursery Hygienists
    Caring for your children’s personal hygiene is a very special professional dedication.  Our professional hygienists are dedicated to caring for all your children’s personal hygiene needs and toileting understanding.

    Nursery Housekeeping
    Indigo Valley Nursery must be cleaned and cared for throughout each day, so our team of excellent housekeeping staff take good care of all areas of keeping our Nursery spotless.

    Nursery Accounts, Admin and HR Department
    All Nursery admin, office, accounts and HR matters are also cared for within our Nursery setting by our friendly team of dedicated professional women.  We are so grateful for their ‘everyday’ loving and happy smiling personal care and attention for all our Nursery families.

    Toes together time at Indigo Valley Nursery Ballet Class

    Nursery Music, Ballet, Drumming & Kung Fu Providers
    Expertise by the experts!! Only the best will do for our Nursery children, and we are grateful to have such an excellent team for both our curricular and extracurricular activities.

    Early Learning Support Unit with Coordinator Ms Rhea at Indigo Valley Nursery