• “With food and water, we have life – with healthy food and healthy water we have a ‘fortunate’ life.” (Ms Bernadette)   Our daily Nursery menu is designed to provide young children with necessary nutrients for their most critical growing years. It is indeed true that ‘we are what we eat’ and ‘we are what we think’ so here at Indigo Valley Nursery we believe young children must receive maximum nutrients for their rapidly growing ‘minds, bodies and souls’.

    The Nursery Menu Ingredients list is available from the Nursery admin staff, and parents are most welcome to receive a copy.

    Meal times are particular social experiences for the children, and it is during the meal times that the children learn many excellent behavioural qualities of life, such as sharing, patience, politeness, understanding, acceptance of others, respect for food and water. Plus of course, appropriate dining etiquette for their age groups.   We pay careful attention to every detail in our three dining rooms; we turn ‘meal-time routines’ into ‘real-time rituals’.

    The Start of the New Day – Breakfast
    We understand it is often quite challenging for children to rush through breakfast at home before arriving at the nursery. Therefore, a healthy breakfast is served to all the children in the Nursery dining rooms. This particular meal time will allow your children to relax, enjoy breakfast and spend time interacting with each other before starting their Nursery day.

    The ‘Hungry’ Time of the Day – Lunchtime
    Lunch times are between the hours of 11:15 am and 12:30 pm.
    Our lunch menu has a two-week set menu and your children receive a highly nutritious, balanced and mostly organic diet.

    Allergies – Due to the possibility of allergic reactions – fish, eggs and all nuts are always excluded from our Nursery menu.

    Dangers – Choking is the number one health hazard for young children and especially more so for boys up to the age of 4 years.  We insist that grapes must be sliced in half and so too for cherry tomatoes and any other small round fruits and vegetables.

    Special Dietary Requirements – If your child suffers from any food allergies or has special dietary requirements it is of utmost importance that we are informed of this, so we can endeavour to cater for your child’s specific needs.

    Mini-Meals – For young children every two hours is ‘please feed me time’!  Young active children require frequent ‘refilling’ and especially so when they are so busy at Nursery.  We prefer to call snack time our Mini-Meal time as these words mean food rather than the word snack assuming biscuits and crisps.  Every opportunity for the children to receive real whole foods throughout the day is a great opportunity for positive growth and development.  We provide a comprehensive guide for parents to have a good idea of what is suitable for children to re-fill on throughout the day. Mini-Meal times are generally around 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm.

    Healthy Nutrition – As we encourage only healthy nutrition for the children, we advise parents to provide only good quality, low sugar-content Mini-Meal foods.

    Due to the extremely high trans fat content plus the dangers of consuming acrylamide we advise parents never to bring potato crisps into the Nursery, plus we do not allow energy and carbonated drinks.

    Birthday Celebrations – Throughout the year we celebrate the children’s birthdays. We request parents to please refer to our Birthday Policy available at the Nursery Reception.