• Health and Safety are our top priority for the safe and secure daily care of the children, for this reason, we have:
    Security staff stationed at our Nursery gates.

    Security cameras strategically positioned throughout the interior and exterior of the Nursery.

    Parents must sign our daily register in the morning when bringing their children into the Nursery and also sign out when collecting their children from the Nursery.

    Our strict rules for the collection of the children from the Nursery are clearly mentioned in the Nursery Parent Handbook.

    Once each Nursery Term week, the Nursery Paediatric Doctor visits the Nursery and checks the children.

    If parents have any questions or concerns regarding their children’s health, they are most welcome to speak with our Nursery Paediatrician.

    All members of staff have first aid training and are kept up to date with Health and Safety policies and procedures.

    Regular Fire Drills and Nursery Management team has an Emergency Preparedness Plan in place

    For more information, please see our “Nursery Parent Handbook also our Nursery Policies and Procedures.

    We request all parents to read and fully understand the Nursery Health & Safety rules and regulations of which are fully listed and explained in the ‘Nursery Parent Handbook’.

    We remind parents and caregivers to install appropriate car seats and car restraints for your children, to read and adhere to the Nursery car park rules.

    Greet Your Child With A Smile – Not A Mobile!!
    Just a wee message from Ms Bernadette King-Turner –
    a little reminder for us all – Talking with your child is a cool thing to do… ?

    Parents – are the Adults – Children are the young people relying upon the grownups in their lives to keep them safe!

    Brigadier Al Mazroui stressed that all children under ten should be put in a child seat and restrained by the seatbelt when being seated in the rear of the vehicle.

    This must be followed till the child becomes as tall as 145cm. At the same time, seating children under the age of 10 in the front seat of a vehicle will lead to a fine of Dh400 and four black points against the driver.

    Other precautions parents must take to ensure their child’s safety are monitoring children’s behaviour inside the vehicle and locking all doors and windows so that children cannot be tempted to put their head or hands outside when the vehicle is moving. He also warned parents against smoking in the car when children are present. This violation carries a fine of Dh500, which goes up to Dh10,000 if they are caught repeating the violation.
    Parents show their love for their children not by saying how much they love them but by taking every step to protect them at all times. Children under the age of 10 are not allowed to ride in the front seat of a vehicle.

    Always use proper restraining devices for your child (child seats, booster cushions).
    Never allow kids to move about freely inside the car.
    Do not allow your child to sit on the lap of any passengers or the driver.