• We genuinely enjoy sharing information with our children about the world we live in.
    Our children learn and understand that there are children on the planet who are less fortunate than we are.
    Over the past eleven years, Indigo Valley Nursery has supported many children’s charities.

    We actively participate in community charity events and contribute to many worthy causes where our actions have brought direct hope and help to many children and their families.

    We love to share time with the residents at the Dubai Family Gathering Center (Al Mamzar Community Center and Home for the Elderly).  The children sing and chat with their friends at the Center and always bring plenty of joy and love.

    Make-A-Wish Foundation UAE – Parents, children and staff actively supported the UAE Branch of Make-A-Wish Foundation.
    Our special event days for this cause were always well supported by our Nursery families and we are honoured to bring happiness to the children resident in the UAE.
    The Children eligible to receive their special wish are children whose life expectancy is not longer than 18 years due to life-threatening illnesses such as childhood cancer.
    “Make-A-Wish is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to fulfilling the wishes of children afflicted with life-threatening medical conditions. The Make-A-Wish Foundation UAE office was established in 2003, its mission – to grant wishes for the children across the Emirates.”
    For more Make-a-Wish information, please visit www.makeawish.ae

    The School of St Jude in TanzaniaWe work closely with the ‘The School of St Jude’ and enjoy a once a year event to help this worthwhile cause.
    Indigo Valley Nursery sponsors the School of St Jude education of a young Tanzanian school girl – Glory Joachim who resides with her family in Arusha.

    As part of ‘The School of St Jude Programme – Fighting Poverty Through Education. This is truly an inspiring children’s charity founded in 2002 by (Australian) Gemma Sisia.
    More information regarding Gemma and her school is available on The School of St Jude website. http://www.schoolofstjude.co.tz
    During the summer of 2010 our Emerald City Nursery Manager and Director Ms. Elizabeth, Emerald City Nursery and Ms. Sharon Ward
    travelled to Arusha, Tanzania to visit The School of St Jude. Their trip was financed by Beautiful Minds Nurseries so they could personally meet Glory Joachim,
    the Nursery sponsored child, her family, as well as Gemma Sisia the founder of The School of St. Jude.

    Our senior staff’s visit was a truly inspiring experience and most beneficial as they were in the position to witness first-hand the exceptional work Gemma Sisia
    accomplishes and more so the trip was enlightening for Elizabeth and Sharon to observe how generous donations help so much to change and benefit the lives of the children.

    Sri Lanka
    Katugahahena School, Sri Lanka – Many thanks to our Nursery families, staff and friends, we built for this small South Sri Lankan village underprivileged school in Katugahahena, South Sri Lanka a school library with all furniture and books, etc., new children’s bathrooms, new footpaths, a super new Sports Pavilion, cleaned and leveled the sports grounds, plus provided many wonderful musical instruments, sports equipment, and other necessary school items for the children.
    Thank you also to the Aluthgama Gunawardena Families from Srisunshine Divers Sri Lanka for their amazing support, encouragement, and wisdom.







    Dhaka Project – A very effective and joyful project – The Shoe Box Appeal for children of the Dhaka Project in Bangladesh.
    We collected everyday items which we (often in Dubai) take for granted such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, etc. and sent them to the children.
    The Dhaka Project strives to maximise human potential by bringing hope and providing sustainable skills and dignity to better the lives of the children within the Project.

    SMILE in Calcutta – August 2008 our Emerald City Nursery Directors Ms Elizabeth and Ms Sharon devoted
    their summer holidays to assisting with the care of young orphaned railway and street children in Calcutta, India.

    GETH in Ras Al Khaimah – This charity helps to care for babies and young children incarcerated with their mothers in prison
    by providing clothing, diapers, milk formula, sleeping cots, sheets, blankets and other necessary items.
    When contacted, we organise a collection at Indigo Valley Nursery for our Nursery families to donate these items.

    The innocent children are so often afflicted through the actions of the adults – this is a very sad situation to occur,
    the children can spend the first three years of their lives confined with their mothers. Our social conscience confirms to us that if we can, we will assist these children to the maximum of our abilities.
    By donating clothing, toiletries, toys and educational material we can offer a little more to these young children’s lives to offset the limited reality of their daily existence.

    “The values that we teach our children at this young age will remain with them throughout their lives – the children learn from us – the adults in their lives.
    Our good and honest attitudes and opinions are vital contributions for our children’s early learning years.” Bernadette King-Turner

    We are a global community, all adults are responsible for the best welfare for all children…