• The Privileged Ritual Of Growing Food

    Learning How To Grow Food Is Indeed A Right For All Children

    I am my happiest when I am with the children in our Nursery garden! I think it brings out the ‘little child’ in me; on my knees with my hands buried in the soil and digging!

    Our Indigo Valley Nursery organic veggie garden is a huge part of our daily routine. At the beginning of each academic year, I go to Satwa and buy seeds and seedlings for the children to plant in our Nursery gardens and from then on the children are responsible for nurturing the plants.

    Its a few months now since we planted our first seeds for this season and today morning while we were in the garden watering the plants a group of children were absolutely awestruck by seeing an eggplant! The expression on each child’s face, their excitement and amazement was priceless.

    Children love to discover and they learn so much more when they are actively engaged in an activity they really enjoy so today’s excitement reconfirmed to me the enduring educational value of gardening.

    Not only do our Nursery children learn to nurture and take responsibility for the plants but they also learn where the vegetables come from. Together we counted all the eggplants growing in the garden then later we wandered around the garden finding our biggest eggplants! All the children’s discussion contributed towards their enhancement of understanding the magical world of ‘mathematical language’!

    For sure the next best part of our morning garden ventures was when the children said they wanted to taste the eggplant!

    How often do we have three year old children exclaiming <em>“I want to eat an eggplant?” </em>Healthy eating just got easier and plant-based organic foods is a super way to go!!  Thank you children for our fabulous morning – just another wonderful day in our Nursery Days!

    Ms. Paras
    Indigo Valley Nursery, Dubai