• That Wonderful ‘Little’ Thing Called a Learning Story

    It is that time of the term, when I count down the days till I receive the portfolio for my little girl… I cannot wait to collect it from her teacher and to bring it home to my daughter and husband, where we sit down together on the couch and read it from start to finish, including all of the stories from when she was just a little baby in the Nursery baby room! – our gorgeous little girl’s personal journey right through the years, to the most recent and newest learning stories. 

    It really is a personal challenge for me when walking from the Nursery out to the car and not to take a sneak peek as I hold the portfolio in my hands  or when I arrive home and to wait until 6pm when we are all ready to read it together as our little family!

    This has me thinking… 

    “Are our parents across the four Beautiful Minds Nurseries aware of how much of our collective-heart we put into preparing these personal and individualized learning stories and portfolios?”

    I remember the excitement and anticipation for me as a teacher at Emerald City Nursery on the day I was ready to hand each Learning Story out to my children’s parents at the end of the term and I can promise you this, the sense of pride I then took in preparing these precious books for your children, is still equaled today by the teachers and assistant teachers across all of our Beautiful Minds Nurseries, as each staff person prepares to present you with your child’s portfolio.

    As I’m sure you are aware by now, each Learning Story is a powerful reflection of your child’s individual and unique experiences in Nursery, reflecting their strongest areas of development and their childhood interests.  These precious early years are by in such a ‘flash’ and while it seems like we’ll be able to hold onto each memory, we do inadvertently forget and to receive a collection of some of your children’s precious moments of their everyday life, their everyday growth and development for the future is indeed priceless!

    Learning Stories are a celebration!!!

    • Learning stories highlight a piece of learning, a strength or an interest in your child’s day that we would like to celebrate with you as the parents and your child.
    • Within a Learning Story we celebrate the learning by linking it to our curriculum and sharing with you how we would like to further extend this learning opportunity through our daily planning.
    • We also look forward to reading your stories from home, which celebrate our ‘Partnership’ between parents and Nursery.

    We hope you cherish these lovely collections as much as we do.  These little things called Learning Stories carefully collected throughout your child’s Nursery days, will come together to become an invaluable and beautiful array of everything that makes your child so unique and special… Enjoy and happy reading over the holiday break.

    Thanks so much,

    Sharon Ward

    Emerald City Nursery


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