• Being a Good Role Model

    Being a Good Role Model

    We teach by example – the ‘mentor’ or role-model affects behaviour far more than telling children what to do (and also far more than punishment – we do not condone punishment).

    Children observe all interaction between their parents and other people – your children are constantly watching and listening. Parents rarely need to say the words ”Watch this” or ”This is how you carry yourself in the world” – children instinctively learn through their own observations of their parents. What is important for us to always keep in mind is ‘modeling’ – teaching by example – has a direct effect on all children.

    Modeling does not necessarily dictate a child’s behaviour as children of course have their own minds and will inevitably act according to their individual and unique personalities, but modeling is an important ‘constant’ and can at times be an underappreciated way for the transmitting of information, experiences, skills, beliefs, values, and behaviour.

    Modeling can teach children how to handle conflict, react to stress or fear, or interact with others. It is unforgiving in that it teaches to children their parent’s best and worst behaviours, the ones you are most careful to practice and others you are not so aware of.

    We acknowledge that your children are the most important people in the world; parents outwardly showing respect towards all other people are modeling themselves in the way that your young children will also learn and understand respect for others.”

    Ms Bernadette King-Turner

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