• 5 Things you can do to Encourage Your Child to Read

    5 Things you can do to Encourage Your Child to Read

    A passion for life-long reading requires a literacy rich environment at home and nursery.  Here’s what you can do to help –

    1. Out and about – looking for letters is so much fun. The beauty of this is that letters are everywhere and the opportunities are endless. Your child (when they are ready) will be illuminated by finding the first letter of their name on a car number plate, a sign or on a cereal box in the supermarket. Letters discovered in the environment are far more exciting than sitting in front of the TV, iPad or in front of a worksheet. Try writing a shopping list together and take it to the supermarket. Your child will feel very responsible ticking off the items on the list as they go into the trolley.
    2. Join a library! – Did you know there is a library at DUCTAC at Mall of the Emirates? We joined on the weekend and we even have an Emerald City Nursery parent on the Committee. This place is amazing; the ritual of visiting the library and choosing a book is very special. Grab a library bag, join the library and let your child find the magic of checking out a library book and make this a fortnightly ritual.
    3. We love Bookworm – This bookstore is boutique and beautiful (like us!). What we love about this gem is the knowledge the staff has of their books. Remember the key to igniting a passion for reading is to get your little one excited so talk with your child about the upcoming visit to the bookstore, and most importantly let them choose the book as they will love it all the more.
    4. Display books on a bookshelf – There’s no need to buy one… two book ends (bricks will do) with all the books on a display enables your child to select their own book before bed or during the day. One of the most successful ways to encourage reading is to have books accessible not hidden away in a cupboard.
    5. Bring a story to life Neil Griffiths from the UK is passionate about storytelling and when visiting Dubai he came to our nurseries to share his love of stories and reading with parents and staff. He demonstrated how to bring a story to life with drama, suspense and role-play. We were on the edge of our seats as he read the book ‘The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear,’ with nothing more than the book itself.  Watch him in action on YouTube…

    Remember – “It takes much longer to learn to write through play, but in the long run, it is more likely to turn children into enthusiastic writers and bookworms”- Tina Bruce.

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