• 5 New Year’s Resolutions you can Involve the Kids in!

    5 New Year’s Resolutions you can Involve the Kids in!

    So it’s that time of year again when we are full of good intentions. Whether it be to eat healthier, exercise more or find ways to make our dirhams go further we all have something we would like to achieve in the year ahead. The beginning of the year symbolises a new start and with that comes new aspirations and dreams, but why not keep it simple this year?  Give yourself realistic goals which are achievable and stress-free.  Involve your children, even better make resolutions focused on them(let’s face it our world revolves around them anyway) which can be incorporated into everyday life.  Here are 5 that may be worth a try.

    1. Make mealtimes a family affair – How many of us are guilty of rushing our children through their breakfast in the mornings as we quickly gulp on a cup of coffee racing against the clock. Or in the evenings feeding the children their dinner first only to cook later on again for you and your husband.  Why not try to all sit down at the table together? Even if it means setting the alarm clock 10minutes earlier or leaving the office at a reasonable time, that important paperwork will still be there tomorrow.  Make sure the TV’s off and phones, iPad or any other distractions are out of sight and reach.
    2. Limit screen time – Yes we want our children to be ‘technologically savvy’ but at what cost? Whether it be dining out or sitting in a trolley in the supermarket let’s turn off phones and IPads and promote the ancient art of conversation.
    3. Enjoy the outdoors – while the weather still allows us to. Before we know it the Dubai summer will be upon us so let’s make the most of the winter months by visiting parks, beaches and just playing with our children outside in the fresh air.
    4. Laugh out loud – They say that laughter is the best form of medicine so this year laugh your way to good health. Also make it your mission to make your little ones laugh every day too, purely because there’s no better sound in the world than that of children giggling.
    5. Let’s play – Take 10 minutes every day to join your child in uninterrupted play. If they have their cars and garage out sit yourself down at their level and join in.  Maybe you’re asked to dress up as a princess and wear a tiara? Go with the flow and make their wishes your command.  Lose yourself in their world of play, we promise you they will love every minute of it.

    They all sound simple enough, now all we have to do is; make time, stop rushing, enjoy the little things, live in the moment and start making memories. Best of luck and may 2017 be the year that all your resolutions become realities.


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