• 4 Strategies to Teach Technology to Children

    4 Strategies to Teach Technology to Children
    With the rapid increase in technological development, babies as young as a few months of age are being exposed to a variety of devices, such as phones, tablets and screens. In fact, many scientists are referring to the generation of children born after the year 2000 as ‘digital natives’ because of their interactions with digital media from a very young age and the ease at which they can learn to manipulate these electronics.
    So what are some ways, for us as parents and educators, to ensure that we provide positive and valuable learning experiences for our young children?

    1. Make it purposeful – instead of passively using the technological devices (which we are all guilty of doing!), show your child that such devices are used for different purposes. For example, if your child asks you a question, instead of answering it, why don’t you Google it and see what answers come up.
    2. A manipulation tool – after taking a photograph of your child on your phone or tablet, show them the tools that you use to edit the picture. Let them try taking and editing a picture of you as well.
    3. A tool for storytelling – whether you decide to take several photographs of your weekend trip to the park or videos of the animals you saw at the zoo, encourage your child to discuss what is happening in the pictures or videos. Maybe you can voice record their comments and create an audio story to match the images that were taken.
    4. Discuss the possibilities – whether you are responding to a work-related email or arranging a Skype call with grandma, talk to your child about the infinite possibilities our everyday devices can be used for. If they suggest an alternative function for a device, give it a try and see if it can really be used for that purpose – who knows, maybe you could use the iPad to play your favourite video on the TV…the ideas and possibilities are endless.

    Here at Indigo Valley Nursery, we view the children as capable social learners, so when we integrate technology into our curriculum, we ensure that it promotes additional social interactions – for example, we have collaborative Skype sessions between classes in the Nursery and with our ‘sister Nurseries’ of Beautiful Minds Nurseries.
    This year we are focusing more on the role that children take when using technological devices. Rather than allowing children to be passive learners, we are supporting them in the exploration and manipulation of technologies, so that they understand the countless ways in which our everyday devices can be used. So do not be surprised when we use the keyboard and Interactive White Board during self-registration, or if we take our GoPro on our Nature Walks, or when we use our digital microscopes when investigating what things look like up close. These are only some of our possibilities!  And our next interesting efforts to adopt the latest technologies and innovation practices at the Nursery, are to introduce the children not only to the ‘currency technology’ of shopping with coins and paper currency but also to discuss the possible applications of organizing transactions through the platform of Blockchain.   What a great future is installed for us all and the fun part about it is that so much of future technology has not even been invented yet!!

    Ms. Rola
    Indigo Valley Nursery Manager

    Indigo Valley Nursery Dubai, Being physically fit and healthy enables the brain to grow stronger.


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