• In our Aquamarine – Baby Care Rooms we extend our daily care to maintaining a nurturing and stimulating environment in which the babies can grow, develop and learn in the way they know best… through their senses. Learning happens through heuristic play, sensory activities, music sessions, swimming, drumming and much, much more.

    We place particular emphasis on the 5 ‘Care Moments’ in an infant’s day, giving the time and respect that each of these moments deserves. These are – having a bottle, eating, sleeping, nappy changing and getting dressed.
    We understand how difficult it can be for mothers to leave their babies in the care of another person, for this reason, we strive on building a healthy relationship with all parents where an open two-way communication is an absolute must.

    Baby Learning Environment
    Because a baby learns primarily through physical and sensory exploration, their environment must allow them to investigate their bodies and their play space safely and comfortably. We give very close consideration to the organisation of space and equipment, floor coverings, lighting, noise, softness, comfort and aesthetics.

    Baby Facilities
    We have a lovely Nursery garden area especially for our babies to use, as well as climbing frames and tunnels to challenge our little explorers.
    Our babies sleeping room is like no other, designed to feel as though you have just walked into your babies sleeping room at home. Each baby has their own cot, with their bedding and in this calming and soothing environment, the babies sleep peacefully.
    Meal times are a vital time of day and we believe must be unhurried and relaxing to encourage positive eating routines. For this reason, we have a very comfortable dining area for the babies, where they sit together and share their positive dining experiences with each other.

    Baby Routine
    With help from the team of our fully qualified and DHA Certified Nurses and baby room teachers, we create individual plans that best suits you and your baby, as we understand that one method may not suit all infants. For parents who do not have a set method in place for their baby, we can help adjust your baby into a daily routine that will make them feel secure, safe, and loved.

    Sensory Play
    We are passionate about providing babies with exciting and stimulating sensory play experiences; that foster the connections being made in a baby’s brain and which then lead to healthy cognitive development. We achieve this for example through messy play activities, which encourages sensory and tactile development.

    Heuristic Play
    Heuristic play is used to describe play for babies, infants and toddlers that actively encourages exploration and discovery.
    Presented as a basket of natural resources babies are free to explore without interruption and make their own discoveries about their world, their bodies and senses, and about texture, shape and colour.   Our babies engage in Heuristic Play, they enjoy finding out about objects and discovering what can be done with them.    This type of activity encourages the babies to participate in activities for longer than a few minutes! Treasure baskets are a great resource and can contain spoons, boxes, and wooden and natural objects to explore.

    Creative Play
    At Indigo Valley Nursery we believe that creative play is the “process, not the product.” We understand that the act of painting involves not only physical coordination but also important cognitive processes, so when painting we encourage babies to explore with different materials like big broad brushes, small thin brushes, rollers, large feathers, toothbrushes, large pieces of sponge and other exciting and interesting resources.

    Professional Care For All