• It’s all about your children thoroughly enjoying a very beautiful, happy and safe early years care and education.

    We each day do our best in extending our early childhood teaching expertise to provide all the extra special and fun activities that preschool children desire especially the ‘super-favourites’ – ballet, drumming and Kung Fu!  The children love to be Elsa, Jackie Chan and the cool drummer! and we oblige by providing the safe and supportive environment for each child’s imagination to ‘fly high’!

    Indigo Valley Nursery has amazing indoor and outdoor spaces, each with themes ready for the children to recreate as their own.  The children and staff start their day with morning meditation – this is the Nursery’s ‘mindful time’ where time stands still and the children appreciate that the sound of their breath is as precious and as important as their loudest ‘singing voice’.  Respect, cooperation and understanding of each other are not confined to an ‘adult-hood’ environment – these are the values that children instinctively share with each other and it is the teacher’s responsibilities to provide the safe and conducive environment for each child to be the child they were born to be.

    As the Nursery is purpose designed and built  (and not adapted) the children always feel their environment is their own, ownership of each space is one of our daily aims, it’s all about the children’s ‘work’ and never the teachers – the teachers are the children’s respectful observers and the textbooks are the guides…

    Pictures always speak louder than words…

    And by the way – parents – if your child – at any time – at any nursery is given a ‘spreadsheet’ or ‘worksheet’ to colour in between the lines or to copy the drawing, then please do your child a very big favour and run in the opposite direction – early childhood education belongs to each child and each child needs to write and draw their own story, their own pictures and to present their own imaginations and never to imitate, copy or try to decipher another’s.

    Nature is our greatest inspiration, being a Reggio Emilia Inspired Nursery we adapt the UK Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum to provide the best nature-based environment so the children can experience their early years care and education within an environment that is filled with loose parts – natural and other useful materials which can be moved around, designed and redesigned, and tinkered with.  Open-ended resources create infinitely-play by providing more opportunities for creative engagement than static store purchased materials. Basically, the more loose parts materials provided for the children, the more the children can interact and create which engage the children’s natural creativity and inventiveness.  The ‘loose-parts’ dialogue and theory was first discussed by architect  Simon Nicholson in 1972 – it’s basically what children really enjoy best – playing with ‘stuff’!! 🙂

    • Indoor and Outdoor Designated Play Areas

      Loose Parts and cool stuff at Indigo Valley Nursery

    • Shaded Sand Pit and Racing Track
    • Swimming
    • Outdoor safe trampoline
    • Library, Reading time
    • Music and Movement
    • Daily Meditation
    • Drumming
    • Kung Fu
    • Ballet
    • Brain Gym Activities & Play Ball
    • Cooking and Baking Activities
    • Messy Play, Heuristic Play
    • Sensory & Exploratory Play
    • Vegetable and Flower gardens that the children create and maintain
    • Nursery Family Picnics
    • Field Trips
    • Holiday Programmes

    It’s all about being in the outdoors with ‘yes we can’ on our minds!



    Every day is a magical day at Beautiful Minds Nurseries, Dubai