• Welcome Note from Ms Bernadette, Founder and Director of Indigo Valley Nursery

    Dear Parents,
    Welcome to Indigo Valley Nursery! Our website aims to provide for you relevant information about our Nursery and the programmes we offer. The best way to learn about our Nursery is to come and spend some time with us; we welcome your visit, and our Nursery staff will happily show you our facilities, discuss our early year’s programme and answer any questions you might have.

    Indigo Valley Nursery is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum providing an integrated early years programme,  committed to providing parents with the very best start for their children.  We consistently strive to develop new and innovative ideas, to ensure that we are constantly aware of and up to date with all current requirements and policies.

    Indigo Valley Nursery was purpose designed and built state of art facility with the focus on safety and best professional practices within the Al Twar 2 area, close to Airport Terminal 2 and Dubai Airport Free Zone and opened in September 2010.   I am personally grateful to the owner of the property who asked me if I would like to build a children’s nursery on the empty plot.  This project-offer provided for me a brilliant opportunity to design and create a children’s nursery complex that is now today proven to be a ‘benchmark’ style early years learning complex brilliantly suitable for caring for babies from 45 days and young children up to 4+ years. Our daily aim is to continue to provide high-quality care and education in a safe and secure environment including caring for children requiring extra learning support.  I am proud to include Indigo Valley Nursery as part of our four Dubai Beautiful Minds Nurseries, and we sincerely welcome your babies and children.  I am equally proud and grateful to each Indigo Valley Nursery staff who are indeed dedicated professional women who genuinely consider their employment as their daily lifestyle.

    Each classroom space is integrally important as the staff and children that spend their many Nursery hours there.  You will for certain be delighted to see our Reggio inspired nature-themed classrooms where each child loves to learn through their very own and unique self-discovery, imagination, and creativity while enjoying their interacting with their Nursery friends within our friendly and safe atmosphere.  We acknowledge that our attention to each classroom detail encourages the children to be inspired.   Our classrooms actually appear to many as homes for the children, the understanding of today’s professional early childhood care and education has moved towards providing the atmosphere that keeps each child well nurtured and feeling safe and secure.  Indoor plants, homestyle furniture, mirrors and ‘real life’ role play areas.  Bamboo and willow elements, suspended from the ceilings create the 3D and cosy den-like, comfortable spaces for the children.

    On behalf of all the team, I trust you have an enjoyable and memorable time as partners in your children’s early years at Indigo Valley Nursery.

    Love and best wishes
    Bernadette King-Turner
    Nursery Director

    About Us
    Just in case you didn’t already know we do not employ nannies nor assistants – and what exactly does this mean?  Each of our Nursery classroom staff is a university graduate in either teaching or nursing. The classroom in-charge is the Classroom Supervisor, and all other classroom staff are Classroom Teachers.  We honour each of our staff and give them the full respect they deserve as qualified professional women.
    Our criteria for employing Nursery staff is recognising and acknowledging the staff’s professional love and dedication for each child entrusted to their care; nationalities come second to the goodness of the ‘human factor’.

    Indigo Valley Nursery offers the very best in Early Years Education, delivering the EYFS ( Early Years Foundation Stage) curriculum in a respectful holistic and child initiated manner and following the guidelines within the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage of  ‘Birth to Three Matters’, we are committed to ensuring that we continually comply with the learning and development goals anchored in the EYFS documents.  We are obliged to continue to set the standards that enable our practitioners to reflect the rich and personalised experience that is essential for each child’s early learning experience.
    Our responsibility continues with providing and ensuring positive attitudes towards community diversity and difference.  Each of our Nursery children receives the opportunities to experience challenging and enjoyable programmes of the latest professional learning and development.

    We look forward to your visit – we are easy to find, just check the Google Map on the Location Page of this Website 🙂

    Our Nursery hours are from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. so conveniently choose which starting and finishing time suits you best.

    Everything is beautiful at Indigo Valley Nursery, Early Childhood Care & Education.